24 Santiago Street

I’m tired, sleep deprived but happy ‘coz…I finally made my first upload available for download. 🙂 Hope you like it!~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This is just a replica of our house when I was still in elementary. We lived in a very good community and I miss it.  Of course it’s not the exact copy but more or less it is the best I can come up with to imitate it. 🙂

NOTE: As you can see, I replaced the white  glass windows (pictures above) with iron gates (picture below), because it looks more like an accordion, which we used before to secure the area of our store .

We call the first room you will encounter upon entering our house the”Sari-sari” Store. This room was turned into a small store, perfect for our home business.Next part of our house is the “Sala” or Living Room. Of course, it is separated from the store by a wall divider and a small half door so other people won’t enter the living room and so, our family still enjoyed the privacy.Kainan” or Dinning Room, which is just beside our living room.Kusina” or Kitchen at the back part of our house.Banyo” or Bathroom beside our KitchenWe call this part of our house “Likuran”, wherein the clothes  line are located and our pets too. I’m not sure if this could be translated as  a Patio or a Lanai. Maybe it’s both hehehe! 😉 Anyway, here’s the pic…At the back, there are two doors, one is a door leading to the kitchen and the other door leads to the additional room where we store all the old stuffs, we call it our “Bodega”. But in this game, I used it for the pets, picture shown below:Then we go upstairs to the bedrooms! Btw, we only have two rooms. Here’s the first one:Then the 2nd bedroom:Let’s go to the outdoors…There’s a canal & a Santol tree beside our house, of course there are small fishes in the canal, so here you can also try fishing and you can also harvest the tree.REQUIRED: Sims 2 & ALL expansion packs, EXCEPT for  Night Life & University.



Disclaimer: Some objects I used were downloaded from different sites & I’m sorry I didn’t list the sources or links here because all the files were unzipped in my downloads folder, but if you see your creations…then THANK YOU so much!~

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