Aireanna Spinleaf …

Just created a fairy for  Sims 2. This is Aireanna Spinleaf and here’s her story…

Ever since she was born she felt different from others of her kind. Outrageous, independent, creative, strong willed and beautiful. Her parents were quite worried about her, so they arranged a marriage and engaged her to one of the elites in their society, hoping that will help trim down her attitude. She was supposed to be engaged to an affluent fairy boy, but she didn’t want to be tied down…not until she had explored Pleasantview and the human settlers. This adventurous fairy that seeks to have knowledge of the outside world other than the forest, packed her things and settled down the forest outskirts and built her own house. She left behind her relatives and the fairy community to try interacting with the humans. Now,  she is struggling to live normally with the humans and be accepted in their society. Will she succeed or become alienated? Is her love intended for another fairy, human or another being?!


This is her house at the foot of a forest in Pleasantview Town. Thick woods behind the house reminds her of her home in the forest so it sometimes made her homesick…


But she made a promise to herself that she will expand her horizons not only for herself but to benefit her fellow villagers in the fairy community as well.  It is already expected from being a daughter of the chief who grew witnessing how her father led their clan. However, her thoughts and reasons she did not dare to tell her father, because she thought it will just worry both her parents. Thus, she strives to live strongly each day…


(sigh…the pictures are too blurry… -.- )


She spends her time in the garden she built under her tree house. She grew various kinds of plants, weeds, trees, giant mushrooms and even a scary looking old tree trunk…


This tree seems to be angry all the time, but Aireanna told this old tree to look after her garden and scare all trespassers!


Whenever she gets tired, she soaks herself in a flower hot bath to relieve her body aches…


Everyday, she visits her neighbors to get to know them better and meet new people along the streets.


She even goes to the malls, the skating rink and the Woodland Park to study the hobbies and characteristics of humans…



Whenever she prefers to stay at home, she practices what she learned from human activities like painting…


And she crafted a flower sink and a tub made of big leaves to imitate a sink and bath tub used by the humans when cleaning themselves.

She also discovered that one can also enjoy taking a hot bath inside the house…

“ahhh.. so relaxing!”, said Aireanna.

And her story goes on as her life continues. I wonder what other things she will discover, but then again…I guess it’s all up to me on how I’ll play the game.  😛 Until next time!~



Disclaimer: Some objects I used were downloaded from different sites & I’m sorry I didn’t list the sources or links here because all the files were unzipped in my downloads folder already, and I lost the files when my sims crashed since I have to reinstall everything. So if you see your creations here… THANK YOU so much for making and sharing it!~

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